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SAWZALL Blades - The Torch and Thin Kerf
  • "Casually ripping down some hardwood with the cordless brushless saw, the best thing out”

    Lewis F.
  • “I kept waiting, I shouldn't have, I love having it on the job.”

    Stephen M.
  • “Every person deserves tools of the best quality... Milwaukee!”

    Mike P.
  • "What makes my day go by smooth? #milwaukeetools"

    Kevin B.
  • "The Milwaukee M12 is my favorite cordless band saw if I had to pick one for heavy duty use.”

    Clint D.
  • “The @milwaukeetool Fastback II is the best utility knife on the market”

    Jeremy D.
  • "Just me and my M18 out for a nice brisk day of work."

    Erin M.
  • "Tree branch came down. No chainsaw? No problem #NothingButHeavyDUty”

    Matt B.