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Quickly charges all M12™ batteries. Power up your M12™ RED LITHIUM™ and M12™ Lithium-Ion batteries in less than an hour with the M12™ Lithium-Ion Charger. It communicates directly with the battery pack to manage charges and features an easy-to-load design. The charger’s slim profile requires little bench-top room, while the pass-through plug conserves valuable outlet space. Monitor battery charges for all of your M12™ cordless tools with the onboard indicator light.


  • Single unit simplicity: Charges all M12™ Batteries
  • Charge management: Charger communicates with the battery pack to ensure a full charge and battery protection
  • Onboard indicator light: Provides the status of the battery


Voltage 12V
Weight 0.7kg

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M12™ Four Bay Sequential Charger
M12™ Lithium-ion Battery Charger



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