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Milwaukee's wood cutting, framing blades maximise life and cutting efficiencies to improve your productivity. An anti-friction coating keeps the blade cool while cutting and resists corrosion & gumming. Laser cutting technology creates the blade from 100% sheet steel to ensure a stable blade that increases cutting accuracy. Laser cut vibration slots minimise wobble and warping during use. A thin kerf design delivers faster cuts as well as more cuts per charge when using a cordless tool. Finally, Milwaukee Fine Finish circular saw blades have an Alternate Tooth Bevel (ATB) pattern to minimise tear out and leave a clean cut.


  • Anti-Friction Coating for cooler cuts whilst resisting drag, corrosion and gumming.
  • Cobalt Infused Tungsten Carbide extends the cutting life and maintains the tips sharpness.
  • Laser Cut Vibration Slots minimise wobble and warping.
  • ATB Tooth Pattern minimises tear out.
  • 5/8" Arbor to fit Milwaukee Circular Saws only.
  • Optimised for corded and cordless performance.


Diameter 7-1/4" (184mm)
Arbor Size 5/8"
Number of Teeth 24
Hook Angle 15°
Kerf Thickness 1.6mm

Model Options

Item/Cat #  
New 6 1/2" Framing 24T Circular Saw Blade - Single
New 6 1/2" Fine Finish 40T Circular Saw Blade - Single
New 7 1/4" Framing 24T Circular Saw Blade - Single
New 7 1/4" Fine Finish 40T Circular Saw Blade - Single
Circular Saw Blade 6-1/2" (165mm) 24 Carbide Teeth (1 per pack)
7-1/4" (185mm) 24 Carbide Teeth Circular Saw Blade
Circular Saw Blade 140x20x18