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Milwaukee® 22mm x 150mm Speed Feed Wood Bits let you drill up to 10X faster than flat boring bits. These self-feeding wood bits feature double wing spurs for drilling fast holes in clean wood. The feed screw and dual cutting edges permit fast cutting of clean holes that are ideal for feeding wire or bolts.


  • Efficient: Up to 10X faster drilling than flat boring bits
  • Fast chip removal: Nonstick, polished and coated flutes eliminate costly cleaning time
  • Clean holes: Double wing spurs permit cleaner hole cutting
  • Versatile: 1/4" Power Groove Shank fits all 1/4" extensions

Model Options

Item/Cat #  
16mm x 150mm SPEED FEED™ Wood Bit
6-1/2" SPEED FEED™ Wood Bit Set (4 PC)
19mm x 150mm SPEED FEED™ Wood Bit
22mm x 150mm SPEED FEED™ Wood Bit
25mm x 150mm SPEED FEED™ Wood Bit