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MILWAUKEE® Self-Adhering Tape is designed to create a secure attachment point on most tools without a lanyard hole. This Tape leaves no residue on tools and only adheres to itself. Fiberglass reinforced for high strength. For use with MILWAUKEE® D-Ring Web Attachments or Quick-Connect Accessories. Compatible with a wide range of tools.


  • Creates a secure attachment point for tethering
  • Compatible with a wide range of tools
  • Self adhering, uses no adhesives
  • Colour coded by weight rating
  • Third-party tested at 2:1 safety factor
  • Fibreglass reinforced
  • For use with Milwaukee D-Ring Web Attachments or Quick Connect Accessories


Length 3.6m

Model Options

The variations of this product are shown below. Not all product variations may be available from your local Authorized Milwaukee Distributor or Online Retailer. Please contact the distributor or retailer for availability.

Product 4.5kg (10lbs) Tool Lanyard 4.5kg (10lbs) Extended Locking Tool Lanyard 6.8kg (15lbs) Locking Tool Lanyard 4.5kg (10lbs) Interchangeable Tool Lanyard 3pc 2.2kg (5lbs) Interchangeable Tool Cinch 3pc 4.5kg (10lbs) Interchangeable Tool Cinch 15kg (35lbs) Locking Tool Lanyard Self-Adhering Tape 3.6m (12ft) D-Ring Web Attachment 5pc 0.9kg (2lb) D-Ring Web Attachment 2.2kg (5lb) 5pc D-Ring Web Attachment 15kg (35lb) Split Ring 5pc 19mm (3/4") 0.9kg (2lb) Split Ring 5pc 25mm (1") 0.9kg (2lb) Split Ring 5pc 38mm (1.5") 0.9kg (2lb) Split Ring 5pc 50mm (2") 0.9kg (2lb)
Cat # 48228810 48228811 48228815 48228820 48228822 48228823 48228850 48228860 48228870 48228870 48228871 48228872 48228880 48228881 48228882 48228883