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The M12™ 7.8KP Thermal Imager is the first imager in its class to deliver oustanding 7,800+ pixel image detail for superior scanning than single-point infrared thermometers. Leverage Milwaukee® exclusive DUAL SENSE™ pixel technology to get crisp images of heat loss, electrical resistance, water damage and mechanical issues. On-screen temperature readout and 83:1 Distance-to-Spot ratio gives users precise, real-time measurements from a distance. Capture, store and share images using the included SD card and USB cable. Fully compatible with Milwaukee® Thermal Imager Reporting Software for archiving, analysing and reporting.


  • 7,854 (102 x 77) pixel resolution captures high resolution images
  • Dual sense pixels are ultra-responsive, adjusting individually to eliminate blurring of hot and cold details
  • 2-Stage trigger activates lasers for easy scanning or quickly captures images
  • Dual lasers frame on-screen temperature area.
  • Compatible with over 70+ M12™ tools


Sensor Resolution 102 x 77 pixels
Temperature Range -0.10°C at -300°C
Thermal Sensitivity 1°C at 30°C
Distance to Spot Ratio 83:1
Color Palletes Iron, Rainbow, Gray
Reporting Software Fully Compatible with Milwaukee Tool Thermal Imaging Software (download)
Tool Warranty 5 Years
Charge Time 30 Minutes
Voltage 12V
IP Ratings IP54



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